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At Love Dressmaking we offer a range of workshops throughout the year in Newport and Shrewsbury.


One-day workshops are planned so that everyone makes up the same design / pattern in their own choice of fabric.


Half-day workshops give learners the chance to learn specific dressmaking techniques.


‘Sewing on Saturday’ workshops are general dressmaking or sewing sessions that run monthly in Newport.


Refreshments are included in all workshops. You will need to bring your own lunch to full day workshops.

Skill Levels

1.BEGINNERS: You can use a sewing machine and have experimented with making simple items

2.BEGINNERS Plus: You have made a simple garment or two but are ready to experience new techniques such as setting in a sleeve or creating pleats

3.INTERMEDIATE: You have made several garments and are ready to handle more challenging fabrics and style details such as collars, cuffs & concealed zips

* NOTE: These skill levels are a guide only - if you have any questions about which course will be relevant to you, please contact Catherine

Venues I use to run my classes and workshops are carefully chosen to ensure everyone has good space to work in, the rooms are light, comfortable and well ventilated.  Good parking is also considered and in the main, is close by. 


Sewing on a Saturday

These creative workshops will give you the chance to spend some time working on your own dressmaking or other sewing projects with plenty of help and advice provided.  Sewing machine skills are necessary but those new to dressmaking or with some experience will be welcome to come and enjoy the fun of sharing ideas while learning some new skills.

Full Day Sessions:

Date: 13th April, 11th May, 15th June, 13th July

Time: 9.30am – 4.00pm

Location: Edgmond Village Hall, Near Newport

Skill Level:  1 upwards

Cost: £70 

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